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Main Tasks

Update Date:2021-02-02

Units:Aviation Police Bureau

The main tasks of the Office at international airports include:
The secure guard at TTY Airport is the responsibility of Special Police Brigade that is divided into branches by responsibilities in relation to the characteristics of different areas, namely, “Passenger Building Non-Controlled Area”, “Controlled Area”, “Apron Area”, “Cargo Area”, “Round-airport Area”, and “Administration Area”.

The duty structure adopts three-level control, namely, airport's surrounding environment, safeguarding of the apron area ,the passenger terminal controlled area; and three levels of patrol, namely, the airport mobile police patrol, round-airport vehicle and motorcycle patrol , pedestrian patrol in passenger terminal controlled area.

In important areas, there are plain-clothes police deployed with uniformed officers for mutual support in response to ensure airport security, their tasks include ambushing, patrolling, surveillance and guarding.

2.Traffic Administration
Traffic Administration
To maintain smooth traffic at the airport, APB has enhanced force for managing traffic around the passenger terminals during peak hours and makes appropriate adjustments on force according to actual traffic volume.

A task force – a team for the “Prohibition Against Customer Soliciting Scalpers” project has been established to put strict prohibition against automobiles that solicit customers illegally and to ensure passenger safety.

It is intended to improve service attitude, enhance the overall service quality, and create a good international image by managing the operations of automobiles such as taxies and rental cars.  

3.Crime Investigation
Crime Investigation
Crime Investigation Brigade focuses on investigating and taking appropriate action against burglary, arrest of criminals, detection of firearms, investigation of smuggling, drug trafficking and preventing violence and crime etc.

Presently, Crime Investigation is divided into three  responsible duty areas – “the First Passenger Terminal”,  “the Air Cargo”, and “the Second Passenger Terminal ”. In each of the three  areas, a detection and prevention section is deployed for supervision and investigation.

Private Power is applied and stool pigeons widely spread to collect criminal intelligence and have thorough control over airport security for its maintenance.  

4.Security Examination
Security Examination
Security Examination Brigade is to maintain flight safety and prevent importation of illegal or controlled articles.

The duties include:
  • Outgoing security examination
  • Incoming security examination
  • Security examination of air cargo parcels and air catering menus
  • Supervision of airline cabin cleaning
  • Handling of explosive materials
  • Handling of hijacking incidents
The same applies to duties for domestic flights.

To effectively prevent aircraft hijacking and perpetration of violence, APB has devised an emergency response program named the “Peace Maneuver” and regularly holds and actual maneuvers.

In case of unexpected situations, APB personnel will rapidly handle the situations in accordance with the stipulated procedures and guidelines to ensure the safety of an aircraft and its staff and people.

To handle explosives, unidentified articles, and derelict luggages, APB has established an anti-explosion handling crew named the “Taishan Unit” that periodically holds training and maneuvers.

The major achievements of APB in the period from January 2006 to December 2006 are as follows:
  • Tracking down firearms
  • Tracking down drugs
  • Arrested fugitive offenders
  • Solved a variety of criminal cases
  • Handled traffic violations and illegal customer solicitors
  • Caught birds and livestock
The number of departing and arriving passengers as well as the amount of inbound and outbound air cargo have dramatically grown in recent years. The Office in its execution of every task not only strives to ensure the security of passengers cargo and aircraft ,but also offer convenience to the public and increase the quality of service while endeavoring to prevent any illegal activities from occurring in the confines of the airport.

Nevertheless, all of us in APB are determined to do our job well and achieve our missions with all efforts despite of all difficulties with our alert and practical attitude so as not to fail the expectations upon the Office from the public.