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Procedures and Regulations for Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Update Date:2024-04-11

Units:International Affairs Section,Aviation Police Bureau

Check In
Check In
  • The passengers should report to check-in counters of their respective airlines, submit their tickets and passports, and check in their baggage, if any, in time.
  • After the check-in procedure is done, the passengers should get their boarding passes and baggage receipts, and get back their passports and unused tickets.
  • The passengers should leave the check-in counters only after their baggage have passed the X-ray inspection.

Airport Tax
Tickets should include airport tax now. If tickets bought by the passengers have not included it, the passengers should consult their respective airlines directly.

Regulation for Baggage
  • The baggage should carry a tag written with Chinese and English names, address and phone number of the passenger.
  • For passengers going to Europe, Asia and Australia, the weight of the check-in baggage is limited to 20 kilograms.
  • For passengers going to North America, each person is restricted to two pieces of free check-in baggage and less than 32 kilograms per piece.
  • Kindly check with the airlines for the other related regulations.

Customs Declaration
  • If the passengers have any questions about their outbound or inbound declaration procedures, baggage and belongings, they can inquire with the service counters of the customs.
  • Service phones: (03) 398-2308 (Terminal 1); (03) 398-3222 (Terminal 2).

Quarantine for Plants and Animals
  • Passengers carrying plants and animals for their outbound trips should go to the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine inside the airport terminal to proceed with the export quarantine procedures.
  • Service phones: (03) 398-2264 (Terminal 1); (03) 398-3373 (Terminal 2).

Immigration Inspection
Immigration Inspection
  • The passengers should move ahead in lines to the immigration counters after they have completed their check-in procedure, showing their passports and boarding passes.
  • The passengers should present their original documents, such as passports, boarding passes, and embarkation cards (residents of Taiwan are exempted).
  • After the immigration inspection, the passengers should head for their boarding gates and enter their respective waiting lounges.
  • Service phones: (03) 398-2171 (Terminal 1). (03) 398-1831(Terminal 2).

Security Inspection and Boarding
Terminal 1
Men and women should line up separately for the security inspection at the entrance to the north and south concourses. They should put their hand-carry baggage into X-ray cabinets for the inspection.
  • Before the passengers go through the metallic sensor gates, they should remove all metallic articles, place them in small baskets, walk through the gates and take back their belongings after they pass the security inspection.
  • The passengers may go freely for duty free shopping etc. after they pass the security inspection.
  • The passengers should enter their respective waiting lounges 40 minutes before their respective boarding times.
  • Service phone: (03) 398-2433
Terminal 2
  • 40 minutes before the departure time, the passengers should enter the security inspection room, and line up, men and women separately, for the security inspection in front of the boarding gates.
  • Before the passengers go through the metallic sensor gates, they should remove all metallic articles, place them in small baskets, walk through the gates and take back their belongings after they pass the security inspection.
  • After the security inspection, the passengers should move into their respective waiting lounges to wait for the boarding.
  • Service phone: (03) 398-3520.
Filling Up Disembarkation Card (Non-Citizen only)  and Customs Declaration Form
  • During the flight, the non-citizen passengers should fill up the disembarkation cards and customs declaration forms distributed by the crew, getting ready for the customs inspection.
  • If such cards and forms are not distributed on the planes, the passengers should ask for them at the entry immigration counters.

Immigration Inspection
Immigration Inspection
  • After the disembarkation, the passengers should present the following travel documents: Native Travelers: Passports, entry disembarkation cards, and customs declaration forms (residents in Taiwan are exempted). Foreign Travelers: Passports, visas, tickets, entry disembarkation cards and customs declaration forms.
  • Service phones: (03) 398-2877 or 398-2243 (Terminal 1) . (03) 398-1819(Terminal 2).

Baggage Claim
  • After the immigration inspection, the passengers can proceed to the customs inspection lounge to collect their baggage.
  • Passengers who don't want to carry baggage into Taiwan may deposit them into the bonded baggage counters for future claim.
  • Service phones: (03) 398-2326 (Terminal 1); (03) 398-3369 (Terminal 2).

Quarantine for Animals, Plants and Marine Produces
  • Passengers are strictly restricted from carrying the following products into Taiwan:
  • Fresh fruits, melons, cucumbers, gourds, etc.
  • Marine products, regardless of live, refrigerated, frozen, salted or seasoned, subject to confiscation.
  • Unauthorized live animals and plants, and their products including meats and seeds.
  • Passengers carrying animals and agricultural products into Taiwan should go to the quarantine counters to apply for the quarantine procedure.
  • Passengers who wish to carry any farm products into Taiwan should inquire with the Animal & Plant Quarantine Bureau of the Agricultural Committee in advance.
  • Service phones: (03) 398-2268 or 398-2264 (Terminal 1); (03) 398-3372 (Terminal 2).
  • Regarding the quarantine of personnel, aircrafts and marine products, please ring up the 2nd substation of the Center for Disease Control of the Ministry of Sanitation at (03) 398-2584 or 398-2583 (Terminal 1) or (03) 398-3395 (Terminal 2).

Customs Inspection for Baggage
After the passengers claim their baggage, they should proceed to the customs inspection counters. Passengers carrying non-restricted or non-forbidden items and comply with the duty free regulations for arriving passengers, as listed below, may select the "Nothing to Declare" ( green line counters). The other passengers should go through the red line counters ( goods to declare).

Duty Free regulations for Arriving Passengers
One liter of liquor and 200 pieces of cigarettes.

Currency restrictions                 
Category Information
Gold Passengers may bring in any amount of gold, but must declare to the Customs regardless of the amount. If the total value of gold exceeds US$20,000, an import permit issued by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs is needed at the port of entry, and the clearance of goods and inspections are required, too.
Foreign currency Amounts of US$10,000 or more, or the equivalent in other currencies, must be declared and registered with Customs.
Negotiable securities Negotiable securities with a face value of US$10,000 or more must be declared to Customs.
NTD Not more than NT$60,000 in notes can be brought in by each passenger unless a permit from the Central Bank of China is obtained in advance.
RMB Not more than RMB$20,000 in notes can be brought in by each passenger. The amount in excess of RMB $20,000 should be declared to the Customs and placed in bond for subsequent return abroad.